Common Paranormal Question and Answers

3P Paranormal receives several questions each week about the paranormal. People search for answers to things they see, here, and capture that are unexplainable. We hope that this page of questions and answers will answer some of the most popular questions and questions that you may have. 
Question:   How can you tell the difference between an angel orb and a reflection from light? 

Answer:    First of all let me say that "orbs" have become a phenomenon across the world that needs to be further examined. People take pictures and capture what seems to be a ball of light in the picture and automatically think it is paranormal. 99% of the time or higher, this is not the case. What has been captured is more than likely (and not limited to) moisture, dust, or pollen. If a legitimate orb is captured on picture or film we are only left with more questions. Paranormal investigators cannot tell you what the ball of light is. We have a theory as to what the ball of light could be:  someone's soul traveling in a concentrated ball of energy that seems to have its own light source. However, we cannot classify the "orb" as an angel, demon, or earth bound spirit. There is absolutely no way to know that for sure. I encourage you to check out our article on identifying orbs for further information about orbs.

Question:  Is a sulfur smell a sign of a residual haunting? 

Answer:    The knee jerk answer to this question is "no." A sulfur smell usually indicates a different kind of haunting other than residual.    However, if the place where you may be smelling sulfur or a "burnt" smell is related to a fire in some way then it is possible that the smell you are smelling could be residual. Residual hauntings are activities, people, places, and things that have left a stamp on time.  From time-to-time we here on earth may hear, see, or smell these repeating occurrences. With that being said if you are smelling sulfer or a horrible rotten smell, and experiencing other strange activity simultaneously it is possible that you may be dealing with another type of haunting....a demonic haunting. Demonic hauntings are rare, but can be very serious. Do not underestimate the power of such a force. If you suspect that you are experiencing such a haunting you should contact a paranormal group, clergy, or demonologist as soon as possible. Do not attempt to make contact unless you know what you are doing. For more information please see our list of the types of hauntings that have been documented in paranormal research.

Question: Can dogs be tormented by ghost? 

Answer:   Yes, dogs and cats can be tormented by intelligent hauntings. It may be the most effective way for an intelligent haunting to get your attention. Intelligent hauntings usually want something or need something from the individuals that they are haunting. The activity that is heard, seen, and felt during a haunting is all to get your attention. Dogs and cats are more sensitive to sounds, vibrations, and energy. It makes perfect sense that your dog or cat may be seeing, hearing, or feeling a strange energy in the room. If you have a cat or dog that seems to run from, run toward, bark at, or try to avoid it is very likely that you may have an intelligent haunting happening around you. You might want to consider contacting a legitimate paranormal group to investigate. It may be possible that the team may be able to shed some light on what is going on. 

Question: My house is haunted, what do I do? 

Answer:   Sometimes no amount of coaxing, begging, or attempting by force to make an entity leave a home will work. Sometimes people are left to deal with the fact that they are not alone in their home. It can be a very scary feeling and difficult to deal with if the activity is bothersome. It can be very unnerving to hear voices, footsteps, and have objects move. Things just are not supposed to do that but if you live in a haunted house then these occurrences become common day activity. First, you must remember that a regular intelligent haunting or residual haunting will not usually harm you. Often times they are earth bound and seeking help. Sometimes what an individual is experiencing may actually be a loved on trying to make contact with them. The next thing you should do is decide if you can live with the activity. Is it that bad? Is it disrupting your household? If you can live with it, then live with it. No harm should come to you or your family. If things were to change or you are just not comfortable living with the activity the next step is to contact a reputable paranormal investigation group and have them investigate. They may be able to shed some light on what is actually happening in your home and be able to create a plan of action for you. You can also check out our full article on dealing with a haunting.

Question: If mediums get their information from the dead, then where do psychics get their information from? 

Answer:  Mediums, also called psychics, receive information in different ways. Not all mediums receive information from the deceased. Some mediums receive information from their spirit guides about deceased individuals. Some mediums receive messages in the form of pictures and others can hear voices, but cannot see a deceased individual. Some mediums can only see the deceased individual or feel the energy disturbance being created by an entity. An even less number of mediums can hear, sees, smell, and communicate with the deceased and have a number of different ways that they receive messages. Sometimes the messages come from the deceased and other times the messages come from their spirit guide.  The terms psychics and mediums are two terms that tend to be assigned to someone  who has these abilities...the ability to communicate with a world beyond the normal senses. Sometimes these psychics’ mediums also receive messages about the future and the past (precognition and retro cognition). To learn more about psychic mediums check out our page about mediums and learn more about 3P's own medium

If you have a question you would like to see posted here or would like assistance in any way please contact us.

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