Hey Jennifer,

I was looking through your web site and wanted to share an experience.

I use divining rods to locate graves. Depending on how the rods react, you can tell if a female or male is buried in the grave.

One day, we were on top of the hill where my great, great grandfather, J.W., is buried. I was trying to locate the exact position of his grave. I had the divining rods in my hands standing over the grave and my wife was standing about 3-4 feet across from me. Near the head of the grave, I jokingly said, "J.W. are you here?" I got a reading, then moved to about where I thought the foot of the grave should be. Again I jokingly said, "J.W. are you here?" At that moment my wife lunged toward me as her head jerked back. She said someone pushed her. She said it felt like someone put their hands on her back and pushed her toward me. We both looked up. We quickly realized there was nothing behind her. No wind. No tree limbs. Nothing that could have touched or pushed her from behind. At that point, we got spooked, gathered our things and got out of there.

We went back there on a later date and set up a video camera. I went to the grave and spoke, walked around and such for a while. Reviewing the tape I didn't notice anything unusual, but after seeing your web site, maybe I should take another closer look at that tape.

Mr. B

This message was submitted to 3P Paranormal via our website submission page. The individual that submitted their experiences sent several different encounters. 3P has picked a portion of the story to share with you. 

I have encountered so many people through the years that are so closed minded. But this is true and for those who cannot open your mind, then I would advise you to not read this.

At the county line of Ashe and Wilkes as you turn onto the parkway is a cemetery, named Wyatt-Bare. This is where my father  and two brothers with other family members are buried.  On each one of their monuments is their photo, it's like a tradition to have your photo placed so others will remember you after your gone.  This is an old cemetery that many have forgotten and drive by every day.  
The very same photo that is on my father's monument is in my house. I keep this photo upside down and placed away. My reasons are simple, I have lived in many locations through out my life even as a child living with my grandparents. When this photo is placed in the house where I am living, within a few days or weeks, I have always heard voices in the house, they are like someone in another room talking in a low voice and then become stronger, but you can never make out the words that are being said. I have even seen a round glowing light at the top of my bedroom door, that never enters and then it slowly fades away. I know of three times in my life that after this has occurred that next day the photos were flipped over and all three times a radio that was in the room would never work again. I have even heard coins drop and roll across the floor, but the next morning I could not find anything related to coins or anything to that natural. 

My father was a business owner of a store and a restaurant in Ashe county and well known, many years back. He was known as one to never reckon with, but would give you the last dollar he had if he knew your heart was pure. Through my life, when things go wrong, or I need someone to talk too. I will find myself at his grave, even at 1 am in the morning. I am not afraid because I have seen shadows that move along in the cemetery as I will sit up next to his monument, even in the hottest night of July when the air is still warm, you can feel a chill as the shadows pass you by, I have even seen little orbs of lights coming from the ground hovering over some of the other graves, but due to the age of the grave sites the names are faded away. During the day light hours  even when I am sitting there talking away or crying out my heart, deer's, squirrels', rabbits and even birds will walk around me, they seem as though they know I will not harm them. I  have even heard voices in the cemetery during the day. But when I stand there is no one around.

So for those that think this is a line of B/S believe what you will, but until you are faced with what you cannot explain or have answers for, then do not judge.  I am not sure if this is something for me only to see and know and feel or if others can see it as well.

Mrs. D. G., Wilkesboro, NC

An Individuals Personal Encounter With A Ghost
(Specific locations were left out of this story to protect privacy)

 My sister was a CNA on 3rd shift at (an unnamed hospital in NC.)   Soon after she started working there, she was walking out of a patient's room into the hallway where she came face to face with a little girl, just standing there.  My sister said she could tell this wasn't a living person.  She just froze for a second, staring at the little girl, then decided the girl could have the entire hallway if she wanted it, turned and walked quickly to the nurses' station.  The nurses there saw the look on my sister's face and said, "Oh, I guess we need to tell her about the little girl."

This hospital has been in (North Carolina) since the 1940's, I believe.  My sister had other stories to tell, but this is the most impressive.

Yadkinville, NC
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Photo's Trying to Speak?
A message from beyond.

Grave Dowsing

Spirit Saved My Life

We have a home in Ashe Co. Several friends and my brother report of a woman speaking loud and clear to them. It scared the kids. I've also heard her. Strangely enough I'm not afraid and feel a benevolence with her. Add the fact that I saw a glimpse of a woman in pioneer dress(logs in our cabin are from out West). Seems like I'm always glimpsing the so-called shadow people. My feral kitty sits down on my porch and seems to follow something with her eyes. This spirit who I call Louisa may have saved my life. One very snowy night last winter I was asleep(I was by myself) and I felt something "bouncing" on the foot of the bed. In a half dream state I thought it was my husband teasing me and I was back in Moore County. After a 3rd try to awaken me I did just that: wake up. The lights were on. I walked downstairs to the garage and the door was open with snow blowing everywhere. I closed it but the distinct smell of gas was there. The pilot light in the man cave  was out and gas was wafting out. Obviously I turned it off. I NEVER would have known if Louisa had not awakened me.  

  Mrs S.
  Ashe County, NC

Calming Lost Souls

This story was submitted to 3P Paranormal via a website entry form. It does not reflect the views of 3P Paranormal. Names have been omitted to protect all individuals involved. 

 First of all if you are reseptive to contact to spirits "DO NOT PLAY AROUND WITH THE PARANORMAL LIKE CONTACT BOARDS AND THE SUCH!"...This is bad and "bad" spirits acting as "good" spirits will trick you into contacting them more frequently as if playing parlor tricks and thrive off your energy until you have provided them with a means of transport from one realm to the other...then they "will" follow you home...and you "will" regret your decision to dabble...i have seen this happen. I have a gift and have had for my entire life...yes i see dead people...so did my grandmother...she cultivated my gift.  I hear them talk mostly and have dozens of EVPs...some audible and others not so much. The one that frightened me the most i will not repeat and cannot listen to or bring myself to throw away...it remains in my safe at home.
    Lately i have moved into an old house in Whittier NC.  The owners both passed away long ago, (Julious and Evelyn).  However they have not left.  We hear every morning 3 short, small, steps cross the kitchen floor at 5:30 am sharp.  It is loud enough that i at first would call out and ask if anyone was there.  My dog even wakes, walks to the kitchen and stares up as if looking at someone.  We of course have doors and cabinets that seem to open and close at will but while watching TV the wife and i hear voices and commotions in the kitchen and when we go to investigate we know we will find nothing or sometimes a cabinet door open...  We also have a bedside radio alarm clock that at times for no reason at all will crackel to life with static.  I believe it is when a spirit passes close enough that the energy from the radio reacts or someone is trying to communicate.  As time passed and changes were made to the house the incidents increased.  One day while clearing an old storage shed on the property I uncovered some artifacts.  One was a dog collar with a metal tag attached with the owners name stamped into it...you guessed it...it said "Julious (last name)"...I cleanded it up and it and several of the other atrifacts were hung in the Hallway of the house.  I'm not sure why but that evening the house seemed to quiet.  I can only assume that with all that was going on the previous owner of that adorable house on the hill just didnt want to be forgotten...RIP Julious and Evelyn.  

Whittier, NC

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Demons or a Haunted Child?

 Through my life when I was a kid I have always noticed something has been happening to me as long as I remember. When I was a child I would hear at random yelling and shouting. Like someone was screaming at someone. Also I would have vivid nightmares constantly as a child—from the ages of five to seven constantly. Also at times I would see shadows at night and during the day. My friends who would come over and would hear whispering and when they stay the night; they would also have vivid nightmares. My cousin would tell me of shadows walking around my room at night.

As I got older it calmed down for a while. Like a few bumps here and there. When I was thirteen I started to have weird nightmares of my mom telling me Satan wanted to talk to me. When I had that dream I started to see shadows and hearing whispering, and sometimes laughter. When I was thirteen I moved into a new house, which is where I had a dream about a very tall man. That man was wearing completely black clothes a long black trench coat and a black hat walking out of the closet underneath the stairs. Then walking upstairs to where my room and my parent’s room was.

I had two dogs and at random they would run out of rooms and would come up to me trembling. They looked like they were afraid of something. They would bark at walls which is not normal for them. Also I would see a tall human looking shadow walking around, but only when I am home alone, and the dogs are outside. It would also show up in my room at night. Then I would hear whispering which would wake me up around three am.

Then one night when I was fourteen I was having very angry vivid dreams. It was dream after dream of waking up from one dream then into another. Then when I finally would wake up there would be this very tall shadow man standing in the doorway of my room. It was blacker then black. It was darker then dark, and it whispered the word "you" at me. Then that same night hours later I somehow fell back asleep. I started having the same nightmares again. Then I woke up and I was under my covers and I heard something walk towards me. Then I felt hands slam down on my wrist and ankles. Then it started to shake me hard back and forth, and I started to hear growling. As it shook me I couldn't move. I tried to struggle but I couldn't. After that I sat outside on the porch to be out of the house. The next morning I told my mother and she told me it was a dream, but she a had a more concerned look on her face then she should.

After that it calmed down again and it was quiet for about five years and now I am nineteen and I will occasionally experience stuff. One time my friend stayed the night, and she had a dream about the shadow figure wearing a long black coat and a hat. She said in the dream it called its self. "Mr.Belial." then she woke up and heard a deep voice saying. "Tisk tisk Josh always falling asleep before your friends. Then she said she heard a sinister laugh. That was the last experience I have had.

Submitted by: J. Young 
Location: Unknown