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This is a big one. It takes a lot to convince 3P that a spot on a picture is paranormal. 99% of the time it is not paranormal. A white/brown/or orange, transparent, spot on a picture is not paranormal. It is dust, pollen, mold, moisture, rain, sleet, or snow. But it probably isn't an "orb." 
A true orb gives off it's on light source. Look to see if the orb is reflecting on a glass surface such as a TV, window, mirror, or picture frame. If you don't have any way to show it has it's own light source....you can't call it evidence....unless it is REALLY impressive and unique.
Do not run from an unexplained noise! Nothing is going to hurt you. If you run, your in the wrong business.
Do attempt to locate the unexplained noise. Do attempt to find a logical explanation for the noise before labeling it paranormal.
3P advising against any use of communication boards, seances, divination of any kind. Things do not always turn out good and you may bite off more than you bargained for. An investigator should never open someone's home to this type of activity without prior knowledge and approval. 
Allow what ever you are trying to make contact with communicate in a natural way. EVP sessions are one of the best ways to catch communication from the other side. 
Don't assume that every noise, voice, and cold chill is paranormal. At the same time, don't over-rationalize everything either. 
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Be reasonable and rationale. Investigate everything like it could be paranormal.
Do not trespass!! It hurts your credibility and it's illegal. 
Be respectful! Get permission and operate within the parameters that the owner is comfortable with. Respect their wishes at all times. 
Don't be disrespectful. Do not provoke.
Be respectful at all times to the living and the dead. The spirits were once human beings and by all counts are still human souls. 
Don't smoke, drink, or use foul language during an investigation. Do not put your feet on the furniture and do not leave things out of place. NEVER SNOOP! 
You are not in your home. You are in someone else's home. Respect it and items contained there in at all times. 
Inside, outside...smoking contaminates the evidence!
 Don't do it on an investigation.
Be professional at all times!
Good luck with your paranormal investigations!
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3P has criteria that we follow at each and every investigation. There are specific "Do's and Don'ts of ghost hunting" that all 3P investigators follow at all times. We think these policies set forth here are very important and good guidelines for any investigator to follow.