This video evidence has a shadow anomaly pass on the wall in front of the investigator. I assure you, it is NOT THE INVESTIGATOR'S SHADOW & HE WAS ALONE IN THE ROOM AT THE TIME THE SHADOW PASSED.
This is a view of the same shadow but the angle is from the 8MM camera in the investigators hand. You can see that nothing passes in front of the illuminator or the camera.
This orb was captured in the same room as the mysterious shadow.
This is one of the most impressive orbs I have ever seen captured. It is without a doubt not dust, pollen, or a bug. It moves with a purpose. It is impressive. This orb was caught in the same room as the shadow anomaly as well.
This flashlight was removed from the investigators shoe a total of 5 different times. This was the best angle that we caught the movement. We believe this to be a demonic haunting. To learn more check out the Demonic Haunting Tab.
This shadow was caught passing in front of our illuminator. No one is in the room or any of the connecting rooms.
3P's video evidence is 100% our own evidence and captured during our investigations. 3P works hard to maintain our integrity and will only post evidence that is paranormal in nature.....meaning we could not logically explain the activity captured in these videos.
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