Tips for Dealing with a Haunting

Have you been experiencing strange things around you or in your home? Have you experienced one or more of these things: strange noises, things being moved, sudden changes in the temperature, footsteps, and unexplained voices? If you have then you may be experiencing a haunting. You should begin to pay more attention to your surroundings and you may be amazed at what else you will be witness to.

I had someone relay a story to me one day after they discovered I was a paranormal investigator. She began to tell me that their dog had been acting funny. The dog would bark when nothing is there, but the dog was acting like it was actually seeing something. The dog refuses to go into certain rooms in the house. At other times the dog want leave certain rooms. The dog will be calm at times and suddenly freak out, jump and run away. This woman told me that the people who owned their home before them had buried a dog in the back yard just days before they moved out and she moved in. She thought it was the dog haunting her house. After asking her a few a questions I quickly discerned that she lived in a hundred-year-old house that is full of antiques. I quickly informed her that if she is living in a hundred-year-old house full of antiques….it isn’t a ghost dog tormenting their dog. Someone or something is trying to communicate with them and they are using the dog to get attention. I told this young lady that she needed to listen and pay more attention to her surroundings. Shortly after that she informed me that her and husband admitted that he has been seeing unexplained shadows in the house and both of them have a feeling of not being alone. Hopefully, we will be following up with an investigation, but what should she be doing right now?

Step #1 is to begin to understand that something wants her attention. The more she pays attention to her surrounds it is likely that she will begin to see the extremes that spirits will go to get attention or help. The spirit is trying to communicate and it more than likely means no harm. Don’t be afraid. Stay calm and think of this entity as a human being, because this is what the spirit used to be.

Step #2 is to begin keeping a journal of all the paranormal activity you witness or experience. Anything strange or out of the normal should go into the journal. Do not worry about what may or may not be paranormal…..if it happens and it is weird….then write it down.

Step#3 is entirely up to you and you should think about it before following through with it. You can begin to take photo graphs around you when you are experiencing paranormal activity. I only caution you because you may not like or be prepared for what you capture on film. It is my advice that you leave this step to a professional investigation team.

Step #4 is a warning. DO NOT use Ouija Boards, perform séances, or try to conjure in any way. Dealing with black magic, witch craft, or communication boards is never a good idea when you don’t know what you are doing. You will be unable to control what comes from these ways of communication.

Step #5 is to ask the entity to leave. Tell the entity that the house is your home now and that they need to move on. Tell them that you can’t help them and that they need to go away. If this doesn’t work then I suggest you contact a professional paranormal team or clergy to help assist you from this point forward.  Leave the ghost hunting to the professionals.

Remember you can contact 3P Paranormal with any questions, concerns, or request for an investigation at any time. We will also take a look at any photo you have that is questionable. You can submit a photo to us by emailing us.

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