--------"Help Me"--------
--------"Come in"-------
---"Who's in there?"---
Investigator comments on a very old picture and "That's me" immediately follows as a response. Is this entity telling us who he/she is?
"Let me in"
"Oh yeah"
"Want to get out of here"
"Come here"
"Bring 'em out, put Billy in."
"Can't help me."
"Don't you think you should.....?
"Ya'll shouldn't come, get out!"
This is that very picture.
Original EVP ....not enhanced
Same EVP Enhanced with Audio Equipment
Investigation in Lansing, N.C.
Investigation in Shatley Springs, N.C.
Investigation at the old Lansing Elementary School, Lansing, N.C.
3P has experienced electronic voice phenomenon or EVP evidence in several investigations. EVP's are often captured on digital voice recorders and our video cameras. An EVP is a recording of a voice that was not heard at the time of the recording. The theory is that ghost are communicating with us by talking but we can't here them. 
We assure you that these voices do not belong to any of our investigators and we have taken great pains in confirming that the voices are paranormal.
The 1904 Ashe County Courthouse Building

"The 1904 Ashe County Courthouse Building" currently serves as "The Museum of Ashe County History, Inc." 3P Paranormal Investigations was granted access to this unique landmark for the purpose of paranormal research on May 6, 2011. The buildings age and history made it a focus of interest for the team. This is A PORTION of the evidence we captured during our investigation:

EVP Evidence

An investigator's name is called while he is in the courtroom.This EVP suggest that this may be an intelligent haunting. The entity seems to be aware of it's surroundings.


This EVP was captured when one of our investigators was talking about the artifacts in the building. The investigator was hypothesizing at the time about an entity's confusion if he or she were an intelligent haunting and found themselves and their belongings in such a setting as this building.

"I can't stop"
This EVP was captured when an investigator was talking about being uncomfortable and/or moving from his position.

"That's alright"              

This EVP was captured in the courtroom. We believe it may be a residual incident that we captured. It sounds like someone is saying, "ORDER"...then followed by several taps which sound a lot like a gavel hitting a desk and something saying "People".

"Order.....tap, tap,
tap, tap, people"              

During the time that this EVP was captured two investigators were alone in the courtroom. Both investigators began to experience a tingling sensation. 3P does not put a lot of faith into these feelings...however when two people experience the same thing there might be something paranormal happening.  One investigator is highlighting that both were having the same experience. Little did they know that someone was right there with them. THE INVESTIGATORS DO NOT MOVE...THEY ARE SETTING THE ENTIRE TIME AND THEY TALK OVER THE BREATHING..IT DOESN'T BELONG TO THEM. They did not hear these footsteps at the time.

"footsteps & heavy

Private Residence in Statesville, NC
July, 2011

The individual currently residing at this location contacted 3P Paranormal in hopes of gaining evidence that supported his experiences and to gain a better understanding of what is happening around him. The individual living in this residence was a bit un-nerved by the noises, voices, objects being moved, and possible apparition that was seen. 3P went in search of answers. This is what 3P caught during the investigation.
Video Evidence
Audio Evidence
While 3P was outside the home getting ready to start the investigation we had one recorder running. It captured what sounds like furniture being moved.

We have audio of the EMF detector going off multiple times:

We captured a voice in a bedroom when no one was in the room.

3P captured this EVP while outside the house. We had been looking at a building on the premises and were walking back to the house when we captured this unexplained voice:
(the homeowner has informed us that their used to be an old tree with a tire swing where we captured the EVP. )

When we received these EMF spikes there was also a drainage in energy in the room of nearly 1.6 volts. (We have equipment designed by us to measure this) While energy was being drained the EMF spiked several times within 30 minutes to an hour.
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