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What we are looking for: 
3P Paranormal is in the stages of developing a research trial related to the abilities of a psychic medium. We are currently searching for participants who are willing to receive one or more personal readings by our team medium. 
Requirements to Participate

All participants need to be willing to travel to our research location: New Bern,  North Carolina.   No travel reimbursement is offered in anyway, shape, or form. 3P Paranormal is a non-profit group and we do not have the funds to pay anyone or reimburse anyone for travel expenses. Participation is strictly voluntary and of your own free will. We prefer participants that are close to our base location.  

Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Proper release forms will need to be signed:
  • Release of information (except your name, which will remain private)
  • ​A signed statement that you understand there is no guarantee that the medium will be accurate or held responsible for anything brought up during the reading.
  • Video and photo release form
  • And other forms as needed 

No participant can know or be acquainted with any 3P Paranormal team member​.

Open minded individuals are required. 

As the research trial begins 3P reserves the right to change, add, or take away any requirements listed here. 3P Paranormal claims the right to accept and choose any and all participants based on the purpose of the research trial and our research needs. Not everyone who applies for the trial will be accepted. 
If you are interested in being a part of 3P Paranormal's research please complete the form below. Consideration will be given to all applicants. Before applying you should know that 3P's medium does not tell the future, but is very gifted in hearing messages if it is meant to happen. There is no guarantee that a successful reading will happen for everyone. 
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