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This is the same picture on photo editing software. We have enhanced the texture of the photo by using a "bump map."  You can see the orb seems to be 3 dimensional. 

3P presents evidence of a demonic haunting on this page. 3P strongly urges anyone who may be experiencing a demonic haunting to seek help from a professional paranormal investigation team and clergy. Demonic hauntings are very real and can be very dangerous. If you do not know what you are help!

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This investigation took place in Wilkesboro, NC on 6/26/2010. The homeowners complained of shadows, moans, voices, noises, bangs, footsteps, scratching in the walls, doors opening on their own, full body apparitions, and a host of bad smells. The two children in the home were unable to sleep in their rooms and the man of the house was having horrible dreams that were affecting his sleep as well. After reviewing all of the evidence, coupled with the homeowners personal experiences, 3P concluded that the family was experiencing a demonic haunting.

The homeowners worst fears were realized once 3P revealed the evidence we had captured. They were ready and willing to take the next step. The house needed to be blessed. The following week, 3P Paranormal returned with a minister and had the house blessed.

The homeowners report that all activity has stopped 
This appears to be a globular...or the demon form of an orb.
This is the enlarged cropped picture of the orb and enhanced by the "bump map." 
Click to enlarge image
Click to enlarge image
Shadow Anomaly
(Read the description to better understand what you are looking at and why it is paranormal)

This picture has not been enhanced. You may think at first glance that the flash malfunctioned or the camera malfunctioned. However, there are hints that tell us this is not the case. The outside of the room (the walls and door facing) are lit up by the flash. This tells us the flash worked. Our flash is also reflecting off the door in the background. This is another hint that the flash is working. We took this picture and analyzed it further. See the following pictures. 
We lightened this picture and did not adjust the gamma. The shadow is very dense and dark. It is casting a shadow on the door behind it. 
We lightened the whole picture and changed the gamma settings, and then we turned the picture upside down.  Can you see the outline of a figure and the shadow on the wall that the figure is actually casting behind it?
We have applied the "bump map" technique to this picture and made the bump map transparent. The interesting thing is that the shadow is thick or dense enough to cover the frame of the doorway behind it. It is almost solid. 
More shadow anomalies caught outside the same room we captured the darkest shadow.
Flashlight Pulled Out of Shoe By Something
Focus on the investigator on the left and his shoe. You can see the flashlight sticking out of his shoe. The flashlight is highlighted on his pants. 

The flashlight in this video was placed in an investigators shoe at first for easy access. This flashlight was pulled from his shoe 5 different times by something unseen & unheard. We set up a camera to catch what was happening. It took several minutes for the flashlight to be pulled all the way out by something. We have cut the video down to the moment it is pulled out. If you watch carefully you can see the flashlight moving by itself and finally be pulled to the floor. The investigator does not move and the flashlight began all the way in his shoe several minutes before it fell. Every time was the same. 
If you skip ahead the movement of the flashlight becomes more obvious
One of our lead investigators asked for a sign or knock to let us know an entity was there with us. We got a response.
Very strange voice. We can't make out what the EVP is saying even though it is very loud. Is it in another language? Demons often speak in other tongues or Latin. 
"Just go"
"Don't touch the light"
"You got it all"