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Since I was a small child I have known something was different about me. I saw things that seemed real enough to me, but no one else acknowledged that they were there. I can remember speaking to a little girl at a graveyard while my parents placed flowers on graves of loved ones that passed long before I was ever born. That little girl was no relation to myself and only had a rock as a head stone. She explained to me that she had been there for quiet some time but enjoyed playing there on the hill. I remember waiving good bye to her as we left. Some may believe that I have an over active imagination and it was working overtime on that day. I guess if I didn’t know better I would think the same thing. Even now I second guess my ability. That is why I am a member of 3P Paranormal Investigations. I seek substantial proof that my abilities are real and they are reliable. It is and has been a learning process for me. It has been an interesting journey so far. Throughout this page you will find my personal stories of which you only have my word that they are true, and other parts of the page will showcase actual evidence that 3P has captured that support my abilities and the actual fact that mediums do exist and are capable of communicating with the dead. 

My Abilities

First of all I need to make my readers aware of what kind of abilities I have developed and sharpened through time and experience. 

The ability of Clairaudience
I can hear voices and sounds that others often cannot hear. This ability has been proven over and over during investigations. I will often acknowledge hearing whispers or voices during an investigation and once the evidence is reviewed we have usually captured those whispers or noises on audio. 

The ability of Clairsentience
I have been able to draw information from objects and people before. It is a hard process and the only way to verify this ability is to cross reference what I say with known evidence. 

The ability of Clairvoyance 
I can see images of individuals that have passed on. I can often times locate them, describe their physical attributes, and communicate with these individuals. 3P has verified this ability by catching EVP evidence that supports my abilities. 

The ability of Precognition
Although this attribute is weak, I have had dreams and flashes of things that will happen in the future. 3P has tested this ability time and time again with Zener cards. I score considerably higher than chance, but not high enough to consider this ability dominant or strong. 

My First Experience Ghost Hunting

My first experience ghost hunting was with two experienced and veteran investigators. Because it is part of 3P’s research goal to examine the qualities and abilities of a sensitive or medium I usually go into an investigation knowing nothing about the activity or destination.

On this occasion I went in blind, knowing nothing about the destination, people who resided in the home, and nothing about the claims of activity. While the team set up equipment I was handed a notebook and asked to walk around and write down any feelings I had about the place. I did what I was asked and wrote down everything. At one time the investigators ask me if I was “picking up anything.” I advised that I was. Throughout the investigation I spoke about what was in the house and what I was picking up. This is what I communicated about my “feelings”, and what turned out to be the actual truth behind the home. 

My Reading

•There is a “little old Lady”  in the home. 
•She is not related to the current home owners.
•She passed away in the house. 
•She is not aware of the homeowners because she is a residual haunting. 
•Any encounter with this haunting would be by accident. 
•She is usually seen in one bedroom and is often visible in the doorway of that bedroom. 

The Facts

•The homeowners refer to their ghost as the “little old lady"
•They are renting the home and before they moved in there was a little old lady who died in the home. 
•All of their experiences with the old lady had been in their bedroom and they have seen her in the doorway of the bedroom at least once. 

During an investigation at a private residence I picked up many entities. One entity in particular had been doing as much as possible to get the homeowners attention. She was a younger woman in her 30’s. Her death had been sudden and she had not crossed over when she died. She was desperate to cross over and “go home.” As I was relating this story to another investigator we caught an EVP that supports my abilities to communicate with the dead. 

My statement to the other investigator was, “she is telling me that she has worked hard to get our attention and she is tired….she just wants to go home.” Only seconds after I said that we caught an EVP of a woman’s voice saying, “I just got to go home.”  That EVP is here: 

I was able to help that young woman cross over. From that point forward the homeowners report that things have been quiet. 

Private Residence Investigation Proved to be Positive

While investigating at a private residence I was able to make contact with one male entity. The house had several antiques that had been collected over the years. The entity was able to communicate with me and let me know that they did not understand why their things were in this home. They apparently were attached to the furniture. We were able to capture this actual EVP of what I was hearing at the time. 
Another investigator asked me if I was "in tune yet."  He said that because making contact is like tuning in a radio signal. The energy has to match another in order to make contact. I was able to "tune" in and what I heard was, "my stuff doesn't belong here."  We captured an EVP on our voice recorder **right before I made my remark** saying, "don't belong here." 
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Psychics and mediums are another facet of the paranormal world. The abilities of a psychic or medium are as unexplained as the paranormal phenomena our team captures on voice recorders and video equipment. There appears to be varying degrees of abilities among psychics. The abilities vary in degree and how individual psychics receive the information. 

3P Paranormal has dedicated a great deal of it’s time to pursuing the unknown world of psychics and mediums. 3P Paranormal has linked with a psychic medium that has proven to be gifted. (Proven—meaning under a great deal of scrutiny the medium has produced accurate information and we have captured concrete evidence that this individual is gifted.) It is an objective of the team to look for plausible proof that these abilities do exist and that a gifted medium can communicate with the dead…and occasionally pull out interesting facts about the living as well. 

What you will find on this site is information about the different abilities of psychics and mediums. You will also find personal stories and first hand accounts of 3P's own medium. Evidence that 3P has captured supports our own medium's abilities and they are listed on this page as well. 

If you would be interested in contacting our medium click here
Much harder to prove, clairvoyance is the art of seeing things without the use of your normal senses. Individuals who claim to be clairvoyant experience our world in a different way. These individuals are able to perceive things that are not felt, heard, or seen with normal senses, perceptions, or reasoning. Many Clairvoyants report seeing things that the physical eye cannot see. They use the “minds eye” when engaged in using their abilities. Hence the term, “third eye.” 
Clairsentience is the ability to sense energy from objects, people, places, or things and be able to draw information from that energy. Often times individuals that experience clairsentience are very empathetic to other’s feelings (emotionally & physically). 
Clairaudience is the ability to hear things that is not audible to others. It is a psychic ability that sometimes stands alone and for some individuals it coexists with other abilities simultaneously. 

Mediums tend to use all three of these gifts, clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. He or she may hear, see, and feel beyond what others can experience. Stronger mediums are able to communicate with the dead and assist them in crossing over to the other side. 

Precognition is the direct knowledge of the future, which is obtained by extrasensory means such as messages, visions, dreams, or voices. Often times precognition is referred to as extrasensory perception or ESP. 
Retrocognition is the ability to see or sense the past or past events. Often used by psychics to help solve crimes or murders. 
Psychokinesis, or sometimes-called telekinesis, is the ability to move things with the mind. Of all the documented psychic abilities, this one is the rarest. Few individuals possess this ability. (It is believed that poltergeist activity is a result of subconscious psychokinesis)