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These two pictures were taken within seconds of each other. The anomaly appears in picture #1 and not in #2. The interesting thing about this orb is that if you look into the TV (that is turned off) you can actually see a reflection of the orb in the TV. This tells us that this orb is giving off it's own light source. It is not dust or moisture. 
This picture has a mist appearing in it. There was no moisture in the air at the time this picture was taken. 
Picture #1 has a shadow anomaly in the corner. We lightened the picture up to see if it was a solid mass. In picture #2 you can see that the shadow is not a solid mass. You can still see the rafters through the shadow. 
This picture has two very nice orbs in them. One is located at the foot of this reporter who tagged along with us on this investigation. The other investigator seems to be looking directly at the other orb. .
This picture was captured in a local grave yard. Pic #1 is the original picture. Pic #2 is the same picture that has been lightened a bit. 
Nice orb floating down in front of the house. t.
 The picture shows a nice orb that seems to have it's own light source.
These two pictures were taken in the old house pictured above. They were seconds apart. A member of team felt like someone was behind them. They snapped these two pictures. There was no one else positioned in the room that could have created these "human" shaped shadows. 
Captured while walking in the woods and calling out for responses.
Captured in the same graveyard as above image.
This is believed to be a globular....or a demon form of an orb. It was captured on a 3P investigation. We believed the house had a demonic haunting. See the Demonic Haunting Link and 3P's blog for more information. 
These two photos have shadow anomolies
This photo has a strange shadow anomaly.  We have enhanced the photo and applied some different enhancement techniques to analyze the shadow in the picture. Notice the form is actually casting a shadow behind it on the wall.
3P's photo evidence is broken into three different categories.  
Orb AnomaliesMist Anomalies, and Shadow Anomalies
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