Help, Advise, & Action 
For those who are out of our service area 
and need help or advise concerning paranormal activity
they may be experiencing.
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By completing this form and checklist you are making it easier and quicker for 3P Paranormal to be able to assist you with your concerns. The form is completely confidential.

 Notice: This is not an official request for an investigation, but a request for advice concerning the paranormal. Please keep in mind that it is difficult for 3P to diagnose paranormal activity without an investigation, but we will try to assist you in any way possible. 
Email Address
A form of contact is needed for 3P Paranormal to respond to your request for advise. Email is the preferred form of communication for 3P.
Please check all boxes that are similar to the activity that you have been experiencing
Please list any other specifics that you think are important for us to know. 
Your request has NOT been sent unless you click the 
"Submit Your Form" Button Below
Unexplained Voices
Same Activity Keeps Happening
Objects Moving
Unexplained Noises
Black Solid Shadows
Being Touched
Feelings of being watched
Unexplained Cold Spots
Unexplained Smells
Extremely Bad Smells
Scratching In Walls
Animals Act Strange
Electronics Turn On/Off
Lights Turn On/Off
Ouija Boards Used
Occult Experiments
Weird Photos
Personal Harm
Unexplained Growling
Constant Nightmares
Unexplained Emotions
Large Objects Moving
Items Disappear
Items Reappear
Unusual Physical Feelings
Actually Seen A Ghost