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Residual Haunting

Demonic Haunting


Intelligent Haunting
Residual Haunting: 

When energy from someone or something has left an imprint or stamp in or on a location it is usually referred to as a residual haunting. This type of haunting will not yield much results in the way of active communication or direct engagement. What you may be seeing, hearing, or feeling is actually a scene from the past being played over and over. Usually the occurrence will take place around the same time, such as every night around 9pm, or once a week at 5pm. Often times a residual haunting will reoccur on the anniversary of an event. This type of haunting is not intelligent and the entity is not trying to communicate. You can often determine this type of haunting by keeping a journal of experiences and see if a repeating pattern occurs. 

Demonic Hauntings

The rarest of hauntings, demons have never been human. Often times they are accompanied by a smell similar to sulfur. They are often seen as black shadows or black shapeless forms. Demons mean to do harm and they have been known to possess weaker individuals. Anyone experiencing this type of haunting should contact a paranormal investigation group or a clergy as soon as possible. 

3P Paranormal has investigated a demonic haunting. You may check out the photo, audio, and video evidence that was collected during the investigation by clicking here.

To learn more about the warning signs associated with a demonic haunting Click here


Hollywood movies have taken this type of haunting to the extreme. No one is sure what Poltergeists are. They do not seem to have ever been human or alive. They seem to often occur when individuals are in a stressful situation. Poltergeists are believed to be released psychokinetic energy from a distressed individual that is very much alive. Poltergeists tend to hang around troubled teens or troubled households. Poltergeists may cause a lot of havoc by moving furniture, breaking belongings, and torturing the individual who seems to be troubled. Individuals that are experiencing this type of haunting may want to seek professional help from a counselor or trained mental therapist so they can begin to deal with the issues that may be causing the poltergeist activity. 

Intelligent Haunting

This type of haunting can be alarming to people. The entity is aware of the people around them and usually makes ever effort to be recognized and to make their presence known. These types of hauntings will usually produce good evidence and signs of communication. EVP’s are often captured that may address actual events that were occurring at the time of the recording. An intelligent haunting will often respond to commands such as: knocking on walls, moving an object, changing the room temperature, and sometimes speaking. Often times these entities have a message to pass along or are in need of help. 

There are 4 basic types of hauntings that 3P will cover here: