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Before you can complete the membership application you must acknowledge that you have read the following statements. Please indicate that you have read each statement by checking the box below each statement. 
By clicking the box below each statement you are acknowledging that you have read and understand each statement. 

1.  Not all applications for membership are approved. Approval is based on several different factors such as and not limited to;          the need for a new team member and qualifications. 

2.  A personal interview will be required after review of the application if your qualifications are deemed suitable for the team. 

3.  If allowed on the team you are expected to be present for investigations & assist in the review of evidence. We also ask that         team members contribute to the needs of the team such as help replacing the battery supply, video tapes, or other items                needed to complete an investigation.  You will NOT be reimbursed for expenses you choose to spend on group activities or         needs.

4.  Continued involvement in the group is at the discretion of the founders of 3P Paranormal Investigation. We reserve the right         to end or revoke any membership on the team as the founders deem necessary to protect the integrity of the team. 

Please complete each section fully. Remember that submitting an application does not entitle you to membership in the group. Membership is a privilege not a right. 3P Founders will be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest. 
*Indicates Required Information 

I am at least 18 years of age.* 
First Name *          Last name * 

Phone Number  E-mail Address *

Address *  City *State *Zip *

Please describe what related experience and qualifications you have that could beneift the team. Also please describe what you feel your role on the team would be if your are chosen to be a member. * 
Your application is not complete until you click on the submit button. *
Thank you for you interest in our team!
Do you consider yourself to be a skeptic or a believer in the paranormal? * 
Are you currently a member of any other established paranormal team? *

If Yes, how long have been with this team and are you leaving your current team? * 

What equipment can you bring to the team? *

If could pick a role on the team, in addition 
to an investigator, what role would you choose? *  

Do you consider yourself to be sensitive?          If Yes, please explain: 

Please tell us why you want to be a member of the 3P team. * 
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I understand this statement
I understand this statement
I understand this statement