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3P Paranormal Investigations is in

 Pursuit of Plausible Proof 

of life after death. 

To determine if paranormal activity is taking place. The type of activity taking place. The motivation for the activity. To record, analyze and cross reference data collected for the further establishment and understanding of the field. 

3P Paranormal operates as a non-profit group and all of our services are free. We maintain client confidentiality at all times. We investigate claims from businesses, private residents, and anyone who feels like they need help or is curious about their own surroundings. We share any evidence that we may catch during an investigation with the person or persons who request the investigation. 3P takes a very scientific approach to all of our investigations. We always present the client with the factual evidence (truth) of our concluded investigations whether it be natural causes/explanations or legitimate paranormal activity. 

3P Paranormal Investigations is a non-profit group who has developed a personal mission to research and investigate evidence of paranormal phenomena. It is also a mission of 3P Paranormal to increase awareness and understanding of paranormal activity throughout the general public. It is a mission of 3P to use scientific methods to conduct research and to share our findings with the general public and (only if granted permission by inclusive clientele either openly or by maintaining anonymity) also with respected, productive, and trusted researchers from other highly esteemed groups. 

  • We will respect the memory of those who have died that we may incounter during all investigations.
  • We will not provoke in order to get responses.
  • We will constantly work to improve our own knowledge and understanding of paranormal activity. 
  • We will respect and protect all property during an investigation. 
  • We will never create false or misleading research results. 
  • We will NEVER charge for our services. 

During the research process we: 

  • Interview the client to determine what kind of activity is being experienced. 
  • Look into the history of the building and land
  • Collect data with our equipment (Thermometers, Infrared Cameras, Voice Recorders, etc…)
  • Keep everything confidential
  • Never use a Ouija Board or perform Séances 
  • Never charge for our services

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                              Welcome to 3P Paranormal  Investigations 
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Willing Participants Needed

3P Paranormal is beginning new research trials. We are currently searching for individuals that are willing to receive one or more personal readings from our team medium. If you are interested please click here to learn more about the subject requirements. 
3P Paranormal Investigations is a group of paranormal researchers how has re-located from the mountains of North Carolina to the coastal regions of North Carolina. However, we still investigate in the mountain region as well. A portion of the team currently resides in Ashe County, North Carolina and the other portion of the team is currently located in New Bern, NC. We hope to be able to search a wide region of the state. You can learn more about the members of 3P Paranormal by clicking on the “About Us” link. 3P takes a scientific approach to ghost hunting. We NEVER use Ouija boards, provoke or dabble in anything occult. We discourage anyone from using these methods. 

3P Paranormal is now serving the coastal & mountain regions of North Carolina. We are now based in New Bern, NC.