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Not everything that 3P Paranormal captures is paranormal. Sometimes we are able to prove that something strange has a logical explanation. Other times we are unable to prove  without a shadow of a doubt that there is a logical explanation but we have too many other variables to consider in order to conclude that something is paranormal. We often find EVP's that are too low or unrecognizable and hard to prove or accept as paranormal....so we do not present them as evidence. Other times we capture something that leaves us unsure. We cannot prove or disprove the nature of the EVP, photo, or video clip. This page explores some of these items that we have come across. You can make your own conclusion ....Is it paranormal or is there a logical explanation?  
If you were reviewing 3P's evidence would you reach the same conclusion? 
The Scariest Demon Sound We Have Ever Heard
3P Paranormal had an individual contact us with a very disturbing recording. I was skeptical, but the individual was truly terrified by what he had captured on his voice recorder and seemed sincere. ( Note: 3P Paranormal does not recommend that individuals conduct their own EVP sessions, you may not be ready to hear what the tape recorder or digital recorder may have captured)  Two 3P Paranormal team members met with the individual and listened to what he had captured on his own mini-tape recorder. This is what we heard: 
WOW!! My first gut reaction was that this guy doesn't need a paranormal investigation team, he needs a young priest and an old priest. (A little Exorcist humor for those who have seen the movie)

But I knew there had to be a logical explanation for this recording.  So we began to analyze the tape.
Important factors to consider FIRST: 

  • The tape recorder was a little dated
  • The client said he changed the batteries before using the recorder
  • The client also said he used a fresh tape
  • The tape recorder was placed in the living room over night and was placed on voice activation
  • There were no animals in the house at the time
  • The individual was alone in the house at the time of the recording and slept through the night
  • The client recorded several nights in a row on the front and back of the tape
  • the strange growling sounds were only captured one night on one side of the tape
Once we began to review the tape (front and back) we discovered that this client had a pretty bad cough that the recorder had recorded on the backside of the demon sounds. A clip of the cough is found here: (Remember that he had the tape recorder on voice activation, so the coughing was captured throughout the night)
We knew that there had to be a logical explanation for the sounds the client captured on his voice recorder. So we began to focus on the tape that did record the "demon sounds." We began to speed them up and slow them down. In the following clip you will hear the  tape  that has the client coughing on it and we slowed the recording  way down. I believe we just recreated the demon sound.
So the scariest sound we ever heard turned out to be nothing more than a dragging tape recorder and one man coughing. 
The Most Menacing Face We Have Ever Captured....But is it paranormal?
During an investigation at a private residence we captured these photos. Our eye was drawn directly to the closet door and the face that appeared to be showing itself through the door. 
We ultimately concluded that there was too much doubt for us to call it paranormal.  However, we also could not prove that it is not paranormal. 
We returned to the home to see if we could recreate the face in the closet but we ultimately were unable to do so. We will be returning to this location to see if the image can be captured anywhere else in the residence. 
The image was captured in four different photos that were taken within seconds of each other. Even though they are all taken from the same seated position they are taken from different angles. 
What is that??
We went  back to the house trying to recreate the image but we were unable to do so. 

If the hangers were not in the closet I would say it is paranormal. 

However, because there is the possibility that the hangers are creating the image found here, we cannot call it paranormal. 

What do you think? 

We did collect a few EVP's during the investigation and one growl....interestingly enough from the closet. 
There seems to be an issue with the audio files. They automatically want to play...despite my best efforts. Until we can get a fix for these audio files please stop the files and listen to them individually.